Final July 4th Fire in Big Sur

it is SO hard to keep from editorializing on this one, if what one witness said is true.

around 7:30 pm – a reader posted in the comments section in my last post about witnessing a fire south of Grimes Point. Fortunately, it was caught early and silenced fast. This is what WildCAD recorded:

07/04/2015 19:40 LPF-1907
ROAD Wildfire HWY 1 MM 32 . 7EDW1 BC12LPF E18LPF Langston Effective 0830 Light Brush 0.2 36.087 x 121.618

It was only .2 of an acre at final count thanks to the fine efforts of all our firefighters from all agencies. Thanks, everyone!  MM 32 puts it around Anderson Canyon, just south of JPBurns.

According to Jim Kimball a witness said he or she saw a family BBQing along the side of the road and then dump their live coals over the side. As I said, if this is true, it is hard not to editorialize about this one.