Wild Fire, Hidden Valley Rd & Deerfield, near 46

Incident: 00149 Type: Report of Fire Location: Sr46 / Hidden Valley Rd Loc Desc: HIDDEN VALLEY RANCH ENTRANCE Lat/Lon: 35.551303 -120.774947

Started by downed power lines.

From a reader in Paso : “just had a response for a veg fire on Deerfield Rd. with a cross of Hidden Valley Rd. ……B3415, A/A504, T74 an 75, Heli Tanker 792, H527, Engs. 7185, 3462, 3460, 3477, E30, D3441, WT57, Ques. 2 crews “… Also Tanker 74 responding. Should have this one is no time, if winds aren’t bad out there.

Just called Rock Knocker who was in Templeton this afternoon, and he is currently over by Vineyard and 46, and can see the smoke and flames. Says it is a mess. Will call again when he gets thru.

~ by bigsurkate on October 8, 2015.

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