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Okay, found the best app of all – wunderground. It just about has it all, but one thing it has that none of the others do is the link to the live weather broadcasts from Monterey (or probably closest broadcast site). Comes in clear as a bell. During storms, I will try to leave it running in the background. When you try it, remember, it is not a constant broadcast, but scheduled, and I don’t know how often, yet. This is what my weather apps look like now.


I will be scouring the App Store for weather apps in the next few weeks, even though I have a good collection of weather links on my blog which I will be transitioning to in the next few days. In the mean time, I’m sure some of you have some even better weather apps than I do. How about sharing with each other? Here are my current ones, which helped tremendously planning a trip to Yosemite in between snow storms, which we managed! Snow chains for an RV are a bit much for these two old farts. Rock Knocker might disagree with me … Being a male Leo and all …

more El Niño Journal, 1998 soon.


11 thoughts on “Sharing Weather Apps

  1. I love Dark Sky. Gives me a pretty accurate minute-by-minute prediction of precipitation.

  2. I’ll check that one out. My accuweather does really well on minute-to-minute rain, too. I found it fun while traveling, adding locations, and finding out when we were headed into rain, and when there was a squall where we had been!

  3. I usually don’t pay for apps, opting for the free ones. Looks like accuweather covers the same thing. Did add another 4-5 free apps, though.

  4. I wish I knew how to do one! I’ll ask my son if he can design one … Or maybe a favorite former student genius friend!


  5. One of my favorite apps is partly cloudy, it’s a German weather app, it does 7 days, 24 hours, 12 hours. You can move the slider to the blue and see the rainfall rate and it’s remarkably accurate I got it last year.

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