Rain, Road Conditions, and other Sunday Musings

5:00 pm – final rain tally: .55″ nice

This is just north of the construction zone at Cow Cliffs by Big Creek, although CHP puts it north of Lucia. Yes, it is north of Lucia, but so is Nepnthe. I’ve been seeing the cow cliffs area referred to this way for a while. CORRECTION IT IS SOUTH OF LUCIA NEAR DIFFERENT CONSTRUCTION.

2 [5] 1039 27-S3
Unit Information
10:32 AM 1 Unit Assigned

10:30 am – I wrote a post an hour ago and thought it was published, but I see no indication of same. Strange. I’ll try again. I was awake at 5:00 am, so when the rain started at 5:45, I was ready. Once it startd, it poured. My gauge measured .20″ in 15 minutes. I was without power, but not completely without Internet, and  couldn’t post, until I started the genie at 9:30 am. I had received .48″ by 8:30 am. There were some road problems, 10 flooded at Harnell, for sample. Lots of traffic accidents, though.

Welcome, El Niño. Nice to have you pay us a visit. Be safe, everyone!

~ by bigsurkate on November 15, 2015.

4 Responses to “Rain, Road Conditions, and other Sunday Musings”

  1. I measured 0.48″ here in the western Adelaida, northern SLO County.


  2. Thx, Cal. Had another down pour, but haven’t checked the gauge again.



  3. Thanks, Kate. You are always a ‘lighthouse in the storm’ for everyone along the coast, even those, like us, who have moved away. We still rely on your info, to know how Big Sur is doing. Many thanks.


  4. Our Weatherelement gauge at the school read .38 inches of rain.But I’ll bet it was really more, because of the wind….raining sideways.


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