Fracking in Monterey County

What the Frack ? Fracturing our County

Big Sur Grange
Tuesday February 9th, 6-8 pm.
A soup, salad and cornbread supper will begin at 6
Free but donations gratefully accepted
Please bring a place setting

Big Sur Advocates for a Green Environment (B-SAGE) voted fracking as our most pressing environmental issue, so we decided to host an event on this topic. Fracking has been banned in Scotland, Bulgaria, Germany and France. Here in the United States, New York State, and the state of Vermont have also instituted bans. In California, three counties and the city of Los Angeles have passed bans. Currently, Monterey County is one of the 10 counties in California where fracking is known to have occurred. Over half of the frack-able oil in the U.S. is in the state of California.

Fracking is
a. a petrochemical extraction process using water to flush energy-rich components out of shale
b. an excellent way to cause earthquakes!
c. the key to U.S. energy independence
d. an obscenity
e. profitable
f. a painful procedure, much like a lumbar puncture, performed upon a planetary body
g. an issue that can be discussed cordially
h. a process that pollutes huge amounts of water, even during an historic drought

B-Sage invites everyone who agrees with “g” to our upcoming event on fracking, whatever your other answers might be. Members of Protect Monterey County ( to attend.
with speakers and inclusive discussion of this divisive issue to follow. In the next few elections to come, voters will be asked to make critical decisions on this issue. Email Jessica at if you would like to speak at this event, need directions, etc.

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