Is there any rain in sight?

March, maybe? This is one forecaster has to say: “The next chance for rain will be late Friday into Saturday morning when a weak cold front moves into the Central Coast. Another weather system will move into San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara
Counties around the end of the month and that low pressure system is also forecast to be weak and not expected to produce significant precipitation either. However, rain chances will increase into the the first week of March and storms may get stronger by the end of that week.”

Weather West had this to say earlier this week: “There has also been a consistent wet signal in CFS seasonal forecasts for March, which would be in agreement with more recent GFS/ECMWF model trends. Therefore, I’d still say there’s a good chance that most or all of California will experience above-average precipitation going into March (although with each passing dry week it’s getting decidedly harder to make up the accumulated seasonal deficits in Southern California). Despite some recent claims to the contrary, there is still time for substantial drought relief this winter in California…but the clock is ticking.”

I must say, I am getting more skeptical as the season progresses. I am hopeful, but not optimistic at this point with only 8 days left in February.


3 thoughts on “Is there any rain in sight?

  1. I remember some years, back in the 80’s and 90’s, when I would be lamenting a lack of snow in the Sierras, and losing hope for a decent ski season up there. Then, it would begin really snowing in March, and by April, there would be over 20 feet of snow at Kirkwood and Mammoth. One year, we were skiing at Alpine on July 4th, with a 60-foot snow depth in the upper bowls. In the Pacific Northwest, about 5 years ago, a series of intense rainstorms began with May, and continued through June, causing massive river flows. And finally, we will never forget the March 6th El Nino storm that took out the Carmel River Bridge and we had to evacuate.

  2. I was wondering the same, would love for March/April to be a repeat of December/January which was perfect storms.

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