5 thoughts on “URGENT Big Sur – Flash Flood Warning

  1. Just went to mpc farmers market. raining so hard that driving at 25 mph barely possible. Everyone taking it slow but its BAD out there. Oddly enough only .8″ total since midnight in Carmel Highlands!

  2. Hi Kate,

    Thank you for posting weather updates. I Google searched to find anything pertaining to Big Sur news because my boyfriend and his best friend began a hike/camp trip in Big Sur yesterday. I know Cell phone reception isn’t good, but I can’t help but worry about their safety because the weather is so bad. Please keep us posted with any updates if you can. Hope you are safe 🙂

  3. You are welcome, Sarah. I try to keep up-to-date with news, weather, fire, and road reports … Particularly during storms or fires.

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