CV RD Traffic Nightmare

Many people reported travel times of over an hour this morning. This is the update from Dave Potter’s Office:

“Carmel Valley Road construction traffic update:
We apologize for the extreme wait times today, we have heard reports of 30-60 minutes. We are advising taking alternate routes if possible.

The section of Carmel Valley Road that is being worked on has an average daily traffic (ADT) count of 18,000 vehicles, just the sheer number of cars on the road is impacting wait times. The section of road currently being worked on is too narrow for two-way traffic, currently one-way traffic control with pilot cars is being utilized.

The contractor did have challenges this morning getting traffic control and paving equipment in place which exacerbated the traffic backup.

Traffic control should become more efficient as the project continues. Grinding and paving should be completed by Friday, followed by a couple of weeks to allow the pavement to cure and then striping will take place in April.

Again, we apologize for the extreme daily and thank you for your patience.”

In other news, South Coast Ridge RD. Near apple camp is blocked due to a large tree down. Hopefully the USFS will clear it today.

2 thoughts on “CV RD Traffic Nightmare

  1. Thanks for this, everybody coming from the west to work at Safeway was late; better to take Laureles Grade if poss. However, the sun is out and really pretty and don’t miss the massive picture book white clouds.

  2. Yikes! That sounds pretty awful. We’ve lost bits and pieces of roads (mostly coastal) these last couple of months, too. One major connector (S-42) from the coast to I-5 was completely shut down for days due to a huge slide. Crazy west coast weather. Ya gotta love it.

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