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  1. Odd to read this as I was just trying to calculate what days Highway 1 would be less touristy and more locall-y, and good for a journey south. Is it really all over? I keep hearing what a nightmare Sycamore Canyon is these days, and people walking down to the beach, parked on the highway.
    Big Sur has gotten so much publicity in the past year or two which is encouraging the visitors, but I also suspect it will die down. It still takes a certain amount of character to chart that path, which narrows the field. Are the local businesses prospering at last?
    Don’t despair fully yet, Mountain Girl.

  2. Very funny, someone gave all the inmates cars and pointed them toward Big Sur!
    I agree with holycowgirl, Big Sur is getting way too much publicity, and it only makes for more crazy traffic. I drive down the coast once a week and there is always the perogative stop at Bixby Bridge as tourists stop on the highway trying to figure out where they’re going to park because the turnout is already full. Driving back north, there was one car with 12 cars behind him who went for miles before he pulled over to let us go ahead. aaargh

  3. I can vouch for this. Today above Sea Lion Cove (mm41) it was a zoo but it was civilized. I met couples from Amsterdam, Norway and the Netherlands. In addition to folks from all over the country. They were treated to whales, condors and general socialization with other travelers. The only wanker was a local in a big white pickup who blasted his horn for for 20 seconds as he passed for no particular reason other than to let the world know he hates sharing his road with others.
    The way I look at it no one owns the highway. Tourists generally don’t invade private property so let them enjoy the road and scenery in peace.
    There is no reason to believe the traffic will abate and no reason for it to. The state and local businesses need the revenue.

  4. At least a few were not civilized on the highway, they were a danger to themselves and others.

    Some of us were treated to a guy who came to a complete stop on the highway, backing up traffic for quite a ways. We then watched in astonishment as he tried to back up with this line of cars behind him.


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