Overuse of Big Sur

Here’s one person’s solution. I grabbed this off of FB:


The first agency/residents meeting will take place later this week. Unfortunately, I have to attend a funeral so will not be able to attend. Representative residents from both the North and South Coast will be in attendance.The meeting venue is small, so I don’t believe it will be open to everyone who is interested, at this juncture. At least we are finally getting some dialogue going after last month’s meeting.

5 thoughts on “Overuse of Big Sur

  1. Need to build a wall, and get all the touristas to pay for it.

  2. Probably the South. It is still not as bad as north. Nasty I understand has a lot of traffic, but I haven’t been that way in a while.


  3. The southern route is definitely less crazy, but still pretty crazy… Drive defensively, watch out for cyclists and give them their space. I’ve seen cyclists forced off the road and into ditches by careless, insensitive drivers. Slow for the cone zone; CalTrans is busy clearing the shoulders along all of Hwy 1 of those boulders in Kate’s photo.

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