Start time for Amgen moved up

For whatever reason, Amgen decided to move the start time up by 15 minutes, so racers will now depart at 9:55. That means the Amgen schedule (and yours) needs to be adjusted accordingly.

From the SLO Tribune:

“The start time for Wednesday’s Amgen Tour of California bicycle race leg in Morro Bay has been moved up to 9:55 a.m. from its previously scheduled start time of 10:10 a.m.

Amgen officials notified the city of the change late Tuesday afternoon.

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8 thoughts on “Start time for Amgen moved up

  1. Typical of the sort, the only thing that matters is them and their schedule. No need to worry about how it might affect so many others.

    I know in this instance it is pretty minor, being a 15 min difference, but it just shows the selfish mentality these kind of people have.

  2. 15 minutes DOES matter, if one has planned around the closures. I agree. Rather inconsiderate, especially late in the afternoon before the start!


  3. Amgen website has not updated the start time from Morro Rock. I’m wondering if the change is to create less of an impact on commute traffic on Hwy 68 during afternoon rush hour…

  4. But Suzi, isn’t that something Amgen took in to consideration when it first decided on the schedule? I am not a fan of turning our highways into race tracks for bicyclists. I’m still not a fan of the marathon for the same reason. Like so many things, TPTB assume we will get used to it and objections will cease. With the shooting of movies, commercials, and all the other “permitted” uses … Not to mention overcrowding, makes one wonder if this is purposefully or simply an example of the idiocy. How many special events is too many?


  5. Can’t say I disagree with you, Kate. Another case of PPP by TPTB, and of not considering the environment, the community or the public safety issues that matter. We’re already having to deal with road maintenance delays and hazards.

  6. I want to write an article on this. Who pays whom? How much? Where does the money go? There are so many questions.


  7. I’m going to guess that the change is based on the weather forecast and the speed at which the cyclists have been riding in the last few days, the last couple of hours of the race are live on TV (NBCSN), so they’ll want to make sure the race finishes at the right time – I’m guessing they think it’ll take 15 minutes longer than originally anticipated, so they’re compensating for that.

  8. And I’ve heard that that last segment over the Grade, and then into Laguna Seca up at 16% grade will be brutal after the days long push. Not sure I buy the weather theory, though.

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