Wildfire Report, 5/18/16

8:00 pm – the “Bob” Fire (Camp Roberts) is holding at 1500 acres and is 40% contained. Hopefully, as often happens, it will “lay down” tonight. The smoke drift is visible here on the South Coast, particularly over Willow Creek.

6:30 pm – A/A is reporting 1500 acres ad making good runs. Also, from the scanner: “Just heard SLO send two rigs up to M/C  (Monterey County) for a veg fire on Interlake Rd. with a cross of San Antonio Rd. …engs. 3472 an 3481 have been sent up to it” Bob is making its way in a different direction, toward San Marco RD.

6:00 pm – 6 tankers working it now

4:50 pm – 600 acres and it jumped the Nacimiento River

4:20 pm – 500 acres. Photos by viewers of SLOStringer


3:30 pm – Currently there are two fires burning in Atascadero – one structure and one veg. Equipment and A/A pulled off the veg fire for a new fire burning on or near Camp Roberts. One report is it is on Avery RD. And Bivwac RD. One report from an observer:
“This thing has already generated pyrocumulus clouds…. uneven-sounding firefight…. I.C. requesting five more engines…. and just told SLU that the fire has jumped the river (I assume the Nacimiento River, not the Salinas River) and “has nothing to stop it.”


2 thoughts on “Wildfire Report, 5/18/16

  1. Yikes. It has to be the Salinas River it crossed; the Nacimiento is north of San Miguel. That part of the Salnas River is really dry.

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