Wildfire, FHL

4;30 pm – It started this afternoon, but I have taken the day off (it IS my birthday) and was in town. I am informed that they would not let people through Nacimiento-Fergusson RD. It was reported as only 2-3 acres in Stony Valley, and it is just May, so probably all is fine. I will post further when I get home, if necessary.

9 thoughts on “Wildfire, FHL

  1. Happy Birthday to you and thank you for the service you provide to us.

  2. Hey Kate: off the subject but did you find the owner of the missing dog? He’s posting on FB that he lost him last weekend in Big Sur?? Check my FB post to see who he is, if you haven’t found the owner yet?

  3. Happy Birthday from San Antonio, Tx. Hope it was a good one.
    Enjoy reading everything you post. Miss Big Sur; hope to make it back this summer. Again “Happy Birthday”.

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