7 thoughts on “Something we can all agree on …

  1. General fire question: is it out yet? I know it’s been contained for a while. But is it still burning?

  2. Julie, we haven’t any info on that. I am sure there are some smoldering logs, underground’s, etc, as the rain hasn’t been sufficient, but not enough to worry or get it going again, as far as I know. I think it is “out” in the usual sense, but still being monitored to be safe.


  3. I’ve already been ignoring this election for at least a month. That was about the time I couldn’t stand it any longer. Love Oregon with its easy voting (ballot sent to home and dropped off in mail or polling sites.) Now we get to see how it all shakes out. I feel as though I went through this same sort of trauma with Nixon, but this was far worse.

  4. Gawd, what ramifications will a Trump President elect have on the Central Coast? Crazy score at the moment….

  5. Math!

    Trump + Putin + Edward Snowden + Peter Thiel = Dismantled U.S. Government.

    Edward Snowden: Revealed documents that the U.S. Government was spying on every citizens phone calls and emails.

    Putin: Gave political asylum to Snowden.

    Trump: Puppet and good friend of Putin.

    Peter Thiel: Funded Trump Campaign…
    “Human Freedom and Representative Democracy are incompatible.”

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