Holiday Camping in Big Sur

A reminder from our local Sheriff, Jesse Villasensor:

“With the Holiday weekends fast approaching, traveling and camping will be ramping up again. Please take time to plan your trip in the Big Sur area. Camp spots are limited and camping in non designated areas are prohibited. Deputies will be issuing citations. Call ahead of time for availability. Below is a link to the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce for lodging and dining.


(Note the ticket on the windshield.)

6 thoughts on “Holiday Camping in Big Sur

  1. Kate,

    Is there a satellite map one can find to show what areas are designated camping spots on the Central Coast at this time? Personally, I would be happy to see it off limits until Spring ’17.

  2. Does this apply to those on foot or riding bicycles or does it only apply to humans in planet killing consumer death machines?

    Reminder: humans dont NEED camp fires, so dont start one in non designated areas.

  3. Andrew Molera State Park has designated 3 campsites as communal Hike/Bike sites. There is room for 4 people per campsite and the cost is $5.00 per night, so if you are hiking or biking, you can stay there legally. Since the Los Padres National Forest remains closed from Carmel to San Simeon, the only legal camping without a reservation would be at Andrew Molera State Park.

  4. I believe Plaskett Creek, Kirk Creek Campgrounds and perhaps Limekiln State Park (all run by Parks Mgmt) have hiker/biker campsites that are without reservations but I don’t know the price.

  5. Little Philly, you’re correct about Kirk Creek and Plaskett- hiker/biker sites $5/person/night. Limekiln use to have a few, but when parks management took over, they turned the hiker/biker spots into regular (cramped) campsites to make more money >:(

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