Highway One closing overnight

Highway 1 will be closed overnight from Ventana Inn & Spa to Ragged Point.

Soutbound closure at Ventana will be closed at 8:00 PM.

Northbound closure at Ragged Point at 8:30 PM.

There are at least 12 locations where there are rocks on the roadway and rocks are continuing to come down so Caltrans and CHP are closing the road for safety.

First crews are going out at 5:30 AM tomorrow to assess and clear the roadway.

And from Suzi at PUSD: “UPS Kim made a delivery here at PV School about 6pm. He said that Paul’s slide (south of Hermitage, between Lucia and Limekiln) was falling faster than the CalTrans truck on scene could keep up with. We told him to turn around and come back to the school to spend the night with Lisa and I at GC’s house if he couldn’t get through on his way back to Monterey. Kim also said that he saw almost a dozen cars with flat tires. A van had 2 flat tires! No one should be on the road in this weather….”

2 thoughts on “Highway One closing overnight

  1. If UPS Kim is lucky, he made it through Paul’s slide safely and will find shelter at Esalen or Ventana/Post Ranch so that he can at least have a nice hot soak…

  2. Let us hope. There also was a car on its roof near the Big Sur Station. Unknown why. What I know is that the wind is absolutely howling up here, and the weather station says it is raining cats and dogs. I am cuddled up in bed trying to stay warm with one of my dogs. It is nasty tonight. The NWS called this one right on.


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