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Please pass the word to those who follow me on FB. TPTB do not like the documentation I sent them so suspended my account. They want my CDL ori Passport or some crap. I think Keith Vandervere has it right – the NSA wants me. LOL. For what, I don’t know.

I have sent in photos of my awards from Sam Farr and from Bill Monning, but don’t know if that will be enough. Until the idiots at FB review those documents, I am cut off from FB.

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  1. I’ve posted the link to your blog in the Big Sur group…people need the info you provide, so I wanted to make sure they could at least access it here. Stupid FB. Stupid person who “reported” you!!! Dumb…

  2. FB is a joke anyhow. Better to not waste your time with it. For those that care enough for the info, they can check your website.

  3. That is true, Jon, and that is what I prefer in any event, as when things get hot and heavy, as they did with the Soberanes, I don’t have time for both.


  4. I realized your photo was gone…..?????sorry

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  5. I believe we all need to inundate FB with complaints about their absurdity!!! We need Kate and to post her news everywhere we can! We are extremely grateful of Kate, her commitment to the community and invaluable help all around! I am livid with FB too for this craziness!!!

  6. He means this blog. I have created a website as well as a couple others .me and .net, but the blog hasn’t been transferred over, so this is it. I am afraid if I transfer I will lose stuff.


  7. What the heck??!! Who in the world would object to the timely and invaluable info you provide via FB for us locals and interested friends far & wide? Doesn’t seem even slightly subversive to me. Happy I’m subscribed to your blog. Thanks, Kate.

  8. Thanks, Pam. Apparently someone complained about my name – and seeing that there is a fan page for bigsurkate by someone NOT me (can those of you on.FB report that page?) Post on your page how to sign up for my blog, if you want, or at least the link for my blog.


  9. interesting – just shared your post on my FB page – which seems to have gone through… I’m working with a company who is trying to get paid for game play via their FB app. It’s a good sized company who have been in business for more than 30 years but FB requires copies of the IDs of all directors both those of the company as well as all parent companies, investment company shareholders, before they will release funds. They are crazy in terms of their requirements.

  10. Aren’t the FB idiots the ones who came to Big Sur to get married and rearranged the redwoods because they loved it so darn much? You’re probably being placed on some kind of strategic control. Step away from individuality. Resistance is futile.

  11. I tried to report the fan page…their process is not really set up in a way to do so. So when asked if I was satisfied, I left comments pertaining to the issue. Hope it helps

  12. FB is worthless. And if for unknown reasons they block you it never gets fixed. There is no customer support. It’s all a mystery, I do know they have reviewers looking for really nefarious stuff. But their algorithms remain a mystery.

  13. There was recently in my Email in box a request from FB for a survey!?! I did lambaste them about what they did to Big Sur Kate! I encourage ALL to let our voices be heard. Contack them, let them know!!! Thank you! MJ

  14. Okay, FB is now satisfied with my name and only wants me to prove I am the “owner” of the account by sending a documentation with my dob or profile photo. Since the frog princess is buried among 10000 photos, I opted to send a copy of my CDL with Number blocked out, so should resolve within the next hour.


  15. Kelly…that is not Kate’s page…it’s a conglomeration of posts ABOUT Kate.

  16. FB – absolutely ridiculous in so many ways, barely even good for spying on my kids! lol Can’t wait to read that article that got them sooo upset…

  17. It’s a collection of posts you are tagged in, Kate…or posts of yours that have been shared (Kelly’s link).

  18. I don’t know there was an article. Just some busy body reported me for not using a “real” name, I am told.


  19. I am absolutely astounded that FB would remove you and am hoping for a good report from you today regarding that. I also found the Big Sur Kate fan page and it was, among other things, an ad for a wedding service. Very little about the real you.
    I love you on FB, don’t think it’s worthless at all, it was a great way for you to post updates on various important things, as well as your blog,
    I certainly don’t understand why the NSA wants to get you. It’s not like you work on any classified information, right? We’re with you Kate, whatever it takes. Standing “tight and strong”.

  20. Thanks, Lois. They “approved” my name, but then I had to submit documentation the account was mine – photo of something with my DOB on it or of my FB profile photo, a frog that doesn’t exist any more. I am waiting to hear back, AGAIN.


  21. I’m so sorry to hear that! Your page is the first place I go to get reliable news about Big Sur and highway one. I thought I was blocked! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help(I can photoshop stuff for you)

  22. Well, Kate…maybe time to take a break from FB, unless, of course, there was something of value to your life contained on that page that you need to retrieve. I have taken breaks occasionally, and I tell ya: I get a LOT done when I’m not umbilicled to the damn thing. I was amazed at how much time is given to it, other social media, and the internet as usual. I’m working to give that time back to myself. 🙂

  23. Oh man Kate.. I am trying to help. I am Not sure how.. but I am trying.. We NEED YOU.. Next they will be after SLOStringer then we are all really screwed. Sharing your blog link is about all I think we can do at the moment.. As I cant find a way to get in touch with FB to protest this action against you….This is NUTS.. I am P sd off.

  24. We support you Kate. We do need you for so many reasons. Our information is vitally needed and a glorious flow of energies
    from all of Big Sur through you to this FB page. Hang in there…

  25. This is even more important. Please read! Why don’t you have This page does not copyright your Name. It is a Subset of WordPress. Register your name immediately. It’s cheap insurance. FB is a minor nuisance.

  26. Somebody bought up long ago, before I was I popular, and I tried to buy it a few years ago, but they rejected my offer of $200. I did buy and, and recently, but haven’t transfered to it yet. I have a guy who offered to help me with IT stuff after the fire, but I haven’t had ugh of a break yet. I will after floods, but before fires. 😋


  27. Isn’t it amazing that someone can own your name and then not sell it to you for a reasonable amount of money? Ah, sweet capitalism!

  28. Hey Kate.. just to let you know.. You are not the only one.. I posted about what happened to you.. and ohhhh wow.. Its happening to an amazing amount of people.. They are all having to show proof of who they are.. Most are having to change their name to the full name and not a nick name or what have ya.. So.. Interesting.. But.. Your not the only one.. And most people are telling me that they are told that someone turned them in.. So.. Im wondering.. Are you as well as they. even really dealing with FB? or Has someone found a way to hack that can close off a peosons page until they get more information about someone and they turn it back on?? Be sure your really talking to FB.. and not some new hack attack..Something sounds fishy.. and its not fish doll.. Hugs from the South.. M

  29. Mary Ann, I have is follower who is friends with a FB higher up who is checking on it. I haven’t sent them anything of a personal nature except for my DOB which was easier than trying to find my frog portrait, the other option.

    They said they would accept my BigSur Kate name after I sent them photos of a Congressional Award from Sam Farr and a State Senate one from Bill Monning, which both used both my given name and my Big Sur Kate name, so I think I will hear tomorrow, after they have reviewed my DOB info. Many people wrote to whatever contact they could find re FB, so will see. I have Congressman Panetta’s District Director on board for an official letter about me if I need it tomorrow. Just a PITA is all. Should be back sometime tomorrow. I hope.


  30. Hi Kate. I’d like to help you set up a FB Page. I’ve already set up a shell called “BigSur Kate” and whenever you can get back in – I’ll make you the Admin & turn it over to you.

    I also had my acct suspended years ago when I had “Occupy” in my name. They weren’t satisfied until I sent them a copy of my passport, and changed my name to match it. Sorry you’re through this, but hopefully you’ll be back there soon, and can start up again with your great postings about the going-ons on the coast. My email is entered in my info, in case you want to chat about this in private. Good luck!!

  31. Kate, I shared a FB post that said you were cut off. FB censored that share, posting only a link to this blog. Unbelievable.

  32. Kate your frog photo exists here – over on the right side, where it says ‘Recent Comments’ – you can pull it from there. I just hit it myself, and then right-clicked and chose ‘save image as’, and I have it as a jpeg and thought to post it here for you, but seems I can only type text, not add an image. But you can get it that way as well. It’s not high quality, just 5kb, but at least you can have a version of it.

  33. Here’s the url for your new public Page when you get back. It’s in case you have to add a new acct. I’ll make you the Admin when you are back, and you can decide whether you want to keep it or not. It’s really a great way for you to post important things for the public to see, and might gain you more followers to your blog.
    I’m pretty sure you can shorten it to just …. /BigSur-Kate, but I’ll look into that for you if you like.

  34. Thanks, Banjo. Now I have bigger problems, I can’t get online with my satellite due to my AirPort Extreme quitting. No power to it, even after restart and then reset.


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