Highway One to remain closed

At 3 pm, a vehicle that went around the closure had an accident at Burns Creek by hitting some rocks, which caused his car to leak fluids. Yes, that is what happens. That is why the road is closed. Use your common sense, people.

Here is one by Brendon Shave of Paul’s Slide this afternoon. The rest of these are by Cal Trans. Please feel free to share on FB, I am still banned, but almost worked out.


There are too many active slides that cannot be stopped nor cleared before dark, so  the road will remain closed from Fuller’s to Ragged Point. All of these slides shown in the photos are on the rambunctious South Coast, of course. Thank goodness we didn’t have a fire, or we wouldn’t see anyone until Spring – still may not, if this weekend’s storm comes in as predicted. Will let you know what happens tomorrow. Here are some photos supplied by Cal Trans

Okay, top one looks like Paul’s Slide, south of Lucia. Second one looks like Mud Creek, and last one also looks like Mud Creek from the other side, but can’t be sure. Could be Villa.


BigSur Kate & Facebook

Please pass the word to those who follow me on FB. TPTB do not like the documentation I sent them so suspended my account. They want my CDL ori Passport or some crap. I think Keith Vandervere has it right – the NSA wants me. LOL. For what, I don’t know.

I have sent in photos of my awards from Sam Farr and from Bill Monning, but don’t know if that will be enough. Until the idiots at FB review those documents, I am cut off from FB.

Pacific Valley School closed

The School is closed today, as the bus could not get north to pick up students. Paul’s slide is apparently quite active. And our teacher from Cambria could not get through. I know CT was out at first light, and I have been promised a report when they open the road so will let all know.

Rain & Road Reports 1/4/17

Here are the rain totals from NWS for Big Sur. Note how high they were on the South Coast:

72 Hr Storm total rainfall Big Sur coast. #AtmosphericRiver
Anderson Peak 11.72
Mining Ridge 9.67
Chalk Peak 12.59
Three Peaks 13.17

Riverside Campground this morning, by Wendy Waters.


As of 1 pm, Cal Trans (CT) has no ETA on when they will be able to open the highway. I expect an update around dusk.

Here is a photo of the Big Sur River near the Lodge by Howard Jones:


Okay, now this is scary. This map shows a maximum of 45″ in the next 10 days. (See top of chart in white on right.) Yeah, in the brightest purple spots, which seems to include Big Sur.


10 am – Well, here you g0. The South Coast got hammered and it is still raining, although not as hard. FYI, I am between Chalk Peak and Three Peaks:



From Barbara Sexton, just before the Post Office:


Atmospheric River Explained:


8:30 am another yucky one from Lisa K – ashes to the ocean


8:3o am – Per Sander Koning: “There’s a new active slide right north of the Hawthorne home driveway east side of the highway.”

8 am – Black water coming out of Garrapata Creek. Photo by Lisa Kleissner:


6 am – I have received 5″ of rain, 3 of them since midnight. Currently raining at the rate of 1″ an hour. I think the meteorologists nailed this one.

In addition to the road being closed from Fuller’s (42.2 MM) and Ragged Point, there is this vehicle vs. slide at Ventana:

Incident: 00101 Type: Trfc Collision-No Inj Location: Sr1 / Ventana Loc Desc: SR1 / VENTANA, MM 44.9 Lat/Lon: 36.233742 -121.767075
Detail Information
6:11 AM 5 [7] [Rotation Request Comment] 1039 CARMEL / 831-24-3827
6:08 AM 3 [5] VEH IS RENTAL / WILL NEED 1110
6:05 AM 1 [2] VEH VS SLIDE