Highway One to remain closed

At 3 pm, a vehicle that went around the closure had an accident at Burns Creek by hitting some rocks, which caused his car to leak fluids. Yes, that is what happens. That is why the road is closed. Use your common sense, people.

Here is one by Brendon Shave of Paul’s Slide this afternoon. The rest of these are by Cal Trans. Please feel free to share on FB, I am still banned, but almost worked out.


There are too many active slides that cannot be stopped nor cleared before dark, so  the road will remain closed from Fuller’s to Ragged Point. All of these slides shown in the photos are on the rambunctious South Coast, of course. Thank goodness we didn’t have a fire, or we wouldn’t see anyone until Spring – still may not, if this weekend’s storm comes in as predicted. Will let you know what happens tomorrow. Here are some photos supplied by Cal Trans

Okay, top one looks like Paul’s Slide, south of Lucia. Second one looks like Mud Creek, and last one also looks like Mud Creek from the other side, but can’t be sure. Could be Villa.


9 thoughts on “Highway One to remain closed

  1. Hello Kate, Is it easy for you to attach a small area map by chance along w/ your Road closure posts? It would be helpful for those of us not familiar w/ the Road names. Many thanks, Jan ☔

  2. Good timing on my part to get sick. Glad I won’t be driving the highway for at least another day. May need to plan on taking Nacimiento Rd and spending the week up there next week.

  3. Good luck, Suzi. Nacimiento may not be too good, either. Chalk Peak got 10″ to give you an idea, but I haven’t heard.


  4. Thanks, Kate. I’ll make sure to check road conditions for Nacimiento before I hazard that drive. Doesn’t look like USFS will be scheduling the repairs at Lion’s Den anytime soon….

  5. I don’t know if I have a small map of the area. There is a MM list of all these places posted in my links to the right. That should help.

  6. Good time of year to carry the sleeping bag and an overnight bag packed for a week!

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