Rain & Road Reports, 1/5/17

2:30 pm – I am adding the following link to the Carmel River Watershed to my list of links to the right, but you might want to bookmark it. You will really want to watch this this weekend. Remember the Bailey Bridge???

Carmel River Watershed

1:15 Highway completely open.

11:45 am – Okay, got the notice from Cal Trans. Just as they were getting ready to open, Paul’s Slide (MM 21.6) dumped. Mud Creek (MM 8.8) is now open to LOCALS ONLY, who can get from Ragged Point to MM 20, but not past Pauls Slide. Another assessment at 2 pm,

9 am – Cal Trans sent out a notice that Highway One remains closed this morning. They will reassess the situation at 11 am. I will notify all here at that time, so check back around 11;30.

On another note, my AirPort Extreme quit, so I am trying to configure up an old lap top so that I can connect with my satellite, without too much luck. I can still post here and do emails with my cell service, it is just slow and sometimes intermittent.

As to FB, we are still battling, but I don’t think they will let me use BigSur Kate. I may have to use Kate “bigsurkate” Novoa. Still working with them, sort of. Despite all the comments emails, etc. They are being a horse’s a$$

34 thoughts on “Rain & Road Reports, 1/5/17

  1. Please be VERY careful about creating a new FB account or page. FB has strict rules about creating a new account to access FB when they have suspended you. If they catch you, you could be blocked permantly.

  2. JC, I didn’t create the business page, a friend did, and I have now done exactly what they wanted me to do, so I should be okay. I was only suspended for a day..

  3. Hi BSK, any chance your professors in engineering or locals could predict the aftermath of these superstorms would have on the Carmel River if the San Clemente Dam removal project didn’t get finished or started?

  4. Good lord, Andrew. Probably, but I don’t have the time right now to find out. The bigger issue is the storm of the century and the burn area and keeping people and homes safe.


  5. Just reflecting on how fortunate this area is to have that huge project completed on the footsteps of a once in a generation storm ready to test the county infrastucture. The OES will be plenty busy this weekend +.

  6. Kate, should those of us in the burn scar evacuate? or hunker down? I am flip-flopping back and forth. Not sure what to do?

  7. Della, it would be hard for me to make that determination. I would seek out the advise of neighbors who better know your situation. If you are close to a stream, or down hill from a burn scar, I would be off to town for a nice comfortable motel room from which to watch it on the local news, myself. Michael Troutman is on call for a helicopter to watch from above, but by then, it would be too late. What does your gut and your comfort level tell you? Listen to that. Safety is number one.

  8. BSK, your SDL link on the right has a URL issue in case you were not aware.

  9. My neighbors are all buying supplies for hunkering down. I live on Brandon Creek. I will go get on sandbagging. And then evacuate…

  10. Andrew, I got the link to the SDL updated on the County website. Will take a look for the other one. Also have to update County Supervisor, Congressman, and Senators, but some don’t have their websites up yet.

  11. Good to see the link sections are more user friendly, thank you for the general housekeeping.

  12. Next projects: clean up County road closurers, KUSP, The Cambrian, U of Wisc atmospheric river links.

    OASN: I would love to see a lighthouse radio station in Big Sur like the one in the movie “The Fog.” Ha, I digress.

  13. Oh, jeez, Andrew. Keep me on my toes, why don’t you? KUSP is easy, it gets deleted. I would like to see a lighthouse radio station as i am line of sight. Gunna have to go ham, i guess. After this next storm I’ll get to the links, I hope as newest NAM run indicated 20-24″ for Big Sur over the next 2 days.


  14. More links to fix: Add MCCC/ Big Sur, NextRad radar image, NOAA Glossary; this seems to never end where are your i.t. cleaners/ editors?

  15. And in the midst of the madness, I get a request to take down a photo submitted by someone a couple days ago. I’m not sure I can even find it@


  16. Don’t those personal newspaper story interviews pay all your blog bills? ; )

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