Evacuations in CV Village?

I just ran across this tweet by BEU. I know absolutely nothing else.


~ by bigsurkate on January 8, 2017.

15 Responses to “Evacuations in CV Village?”

  1. What is BEU?


  2. BEU = Cal Fire Monterey and San Benito Co Unit



  3. Got it, Calfire


  4. There was an earlier flood warning for Carmel River at Robles Del Rio in the CV village. And I believe someone just told me the river was right at flood stage, which is at 9 feet.


  5. I heard about it via NPR flood warning announcement system.


  6. I received a notice about a levee breach near Paso Hondo and mentioning about 20 to 30 homes at risk. I don’t have any more information. Looks like the Carmel River is cresting at 8.67 feet at Robles del Rio. Will need a few more gauge reports to confirm the crest.


  7. Found the notice:

    Flash Flood Warning
    National Weather Service San Francisco CA
    1109 PM PST SUN JAN 8 2017

    The National Weather Service in The San Francisco Bay Area has issued

    * Flash Flood Warning for…
    Northwestern Monterey County in central California…

    * Until 200 AM PST

    * At 1100 PM PST, Monterey County Emergency Service Officials
    reported a levee breach on the Carmel River at Paso Hondo in the
    village of Carmel Valley. Inundation from the levee breach is
    impacting 20 to 30 homes. In addition, swift water rescue is

    * Some locations that will experience flooding include…
    Carmel Valley Village.


  8. Levee breach @ Rio Honda Rd. Next to Carmel River in Carmel Village. Over 20 homes at risk. I believe swift water rescue in process.


  9. Kate, KION late version news had your Big Sur River photos on display on one of its many storm related reports.


  10. The west end of Paso Hondo Road has been inundated with flood water. Generally, the water has entered houses and the road west of the junction of Paso Mediano and Paso Hondo. The three homes just to the east of the Garland Park ball field entrance have water running under and around them. As a local resident I was unable to walk west on Paso Hondo even to the area of the park entrance because of flowing water that was at least 1 foot deep.
    Sheriffs and local fire protection District were present, including two pontoon boats and several gentleman dressed in wet suits. I encountered several residents walking east on Paso Hondo with fire personnel wading through water.
    There are probably 40 to 50 homes west of the park entrance, and my guess is many of them are involved with water problems. As of 1230, the water has receded some what. Hopefully with the rain slowing down we will have a chance for the river to back off and leave the homes and people alone.
    What has been described as a breach of a Leavy is inaccurate. The Carmel River in the Paso Hondo area has high banks and the volume of water simply became so great that it overran the bank on the north side of the river.


  11. Latest update:



  12. Thank you


  13. for more reporting check


    Yesterday morning saw 60 mile/hour gusts on upper Tassajara Road. My house shook from one (had me checking the earthquake site to dee if it might have been a coincidental quake … it wasn’t), my neighbor’s outdoor chair flew about 30 ft in the air and hit his house. He later found a painting had fallen of the wall.

    Glad its over for now, the wind I mean. I still have ptsd from El Nino winds while living on Clear Ridge years ago… but then these weather events come with the territories I seem to gravitate to.

    Be safe everybody!


  14. I know, they contacted me. My son’s photos



  15. I live on Paso Hondo next to the river, and someone knocked on my door after 11 pm last night trying to evacuate me. I refused to go. My next door neighbor downstairs had to be evacuated and was flooded, and I just learned that at least two houses downstream from me were flooded. I am pretty certain that some of my upstream neighbors must also have been flooded. I have lived here since 1978 and this is the highest the river has ever come, even higher than that year when the entire Crossroads shopping center was under water as well as the housing between Highway One, south of Rio Rd, up to the Mission. All of Camp Stefanie must have been under water. Helga


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