4 thoughts on “BSMAAC meeting, 5/12/17

  1. I can’t make the meeting, but I would love for someone to bring up the issue of under-staffing the state park campgrounds which led to an illegal campfire which caused the Sobranes fire. Save a few bucks on a park ranger job and then spend millions to fight the result

  2. It’s not the kind of state park you’re thinking of, Corey. It’s a backcountry wilderness area where dispersed camping is allowed and those that go there are expected to be much more responsible, however, as we all know; you can’t fix stupid. That being said, a daily ranger patrol might catch the stupid before they get out of hand.

  3. But no camping of any kind is ever allowed in Garrapata State Park, where the fire was started. Of course, without an official present to enforce the rules, reckless people will do as they please.

  4. Cal State recounted the start up of the Soberanes Fire at an Emergency Preparedness Community Meeting at Rancho Canada, Carmel Valley, yesterday evening.

    The campfire from which the Soberanes fire originated started sometime during the night and was not detected till morning about 9 am, if I understood correctly, which made for a well established fire.

    Perhaps PATROL HEAT SENSING DRONES could have spotted it within minutes and could have had a significant defense ready by dawn instead of 10 AM.

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