Community Meeting – Southside

TIME: 5:30-7PM
WHAT ELSE? Come express your ideas and solutions. There will be an opportunity for each person to voice one concern and a solution. (Depending upon the size of the group we may be able to hear your second and third concern.) One goal of this meeting is to hear from the Southside locals what their main concerns are and to come up with a list of potential solutions. Meeting will be bilingual if requested.
The results of this meeting will be taken to the Unified Command.

contact person:
Serving: Juice/Fresh Veggies/Dips/ Chips/ Popcorn
Al: Martes 16 de mayo
Tiempo : 5:30-19:00
Lugar : Gran SUR panadería PATIO
Lo que : Ser parte de las soluciones
Por qué : Porque nos importa
Que : Los residentes de la zona sur
Qué otra cosa ? Venga a expresar sus ideas y soluciones. Allí será una oportunidad para cada persona expresar una preocupación y una solución. (Dependiendo del tamaño del grupo podamos escuchar su segunda y tercera preocupación.) Uno de los objetivos de esta reunión es escuchar a los lugareños de la zona sur Cuáles son sus principales preocupaciones y con una lista de posibles soluciones. Reunión será bilingüe si así lo solicita. Los resultados de esta reunión se tomarán el comando unificado de.

persona de contacto:
Porción: Jugo/ dulce verduras/Dips/Chips / palomitas de maíz

Some of the Issues:
Trail Usage/ Trail Parking/ Helicopters/ Shuttle Busses/
Southside turn-around/Softball league…..

7 thoughts on “Community Meeting – Southside

  1. Is visitor use of the Pfeiffer Canyon trail part of the discussion? Or do you think the public will have to wait for Paul’s Slide via Nacimiento-Fergusson?

  2. It will probably be part of the discussion, but visitors will probably have to wait for Paul’s Slide. The trail was not designed nor approved for the increased traffic visitors would bring to it.

  3. Thanks for the thoughtfulness of the organizers, but too bad the meeting is scheduled at a time so that in order for anyone who lives south of Paul’s slide planning to attend, they must go north on Tuesday between 5:30 and 6:00AM, cool their heels for about 12 hours waiting around all day until the 5.30-7PM meeting, then sack out somewhere overnight until Wednesday morning’s 5:30 opening at Paul’s slide.

    So, realistically with the current meeting time, the open agenda will be limited to airing the concerns of those “southside residents” living between the defunct bridge and Paul’s Slide. For Southcoasters living between Paul’s Slide and Mud Creek with concerns such as under-regulated tourist access via Nacimiento-Ferguson Road and other issues their input will likely be under-represented.

    If future meetings are scheduled I hope there will be a consideration for a more accessible time slot say, for instance, from 2:00-5:00PM on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, allowing Southcoasters to come through the 12.00 opening at Paul’s and return the same day at 7.00. That said, thanks again for setting up the meeting.

  4. The Carmel Pine Cone April 28th issue has an article on the cover page setting forth “ambitious” plans the group of Carmel and Monterey organizations along with the county state and federal representatives are planning for shuttles, parking and trail usage by visiting tourists during the summer months to support businesses south of the bridge collapse. An organization is contributing $100,000 to fund this “ambitious” effort. Highly recommend reading this article and any subsequent articles prior to tomorrow’s meeting.

  5. Thank you Connie! Many South coast residents are not able to attend….

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