Mud Creek photos, 5/17/17

These were taken Monday, 5/15/17 by Rock Knocker. Several of them show the north side of the slide Cal Trans sent yesterday, which was taken on the south side. WARNING: These are depressing. It was very active and he got photos of the activity, but I didn’t get them transferred yet. This slide show is 22 photos and I have 64.

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16 thoughts on “Mud Creek photos, 5/17/17

  1. Wow o wow. This is such a sad situation for the community. Thanks for your dedication ❤️

  2. Looks like a losing battle to me. And I keep wondering why Cal Trans doesn’t consider cutting the road inland around this trouble spot, if that is at all possible. I certainly don’t know the terrain, but this looks impossible to stop.

  3. I guess Mother Nature was tired of all the tourists too!. So glad my daughter and I made the slower trip up the coast from Cal Poly to Carmel in October. There were zebras in the fields at Hearst Castle and dolphins playing in the surf. It was a magical drive…

  4. The pictures tell the whole story. We’re in for the long haul with Mud Creek. All the phones went out last night and I’m sure that was the last gasp.

  5. Is it possible to walk across? Looks like approx. 200 yards section is wiped out? Is this the only break in the Highway currently?

  6. Kate, I was thinking the same thing about that pole! I see it as depressing because it means Naci will be continually overused by tourons showing no respect throughout the summer, especially once they get Paul’s open. 😢

  7. Long just visitors, but the construction crews and their loads. The small bridge over Nacimiento before one begins the climb is rate 15 tons. The constant borage of loads 10 years trucks like the 5 we saw today, and the convoy yesterday and again tomorrow cannot be good for it. If that bridge goes out we are sunk. I hope someone is paying attention to that!!

    Also got photos of the controlled burn on FHL on Stoney Valley. Will post later.


  8. Yes, and they have inspected most of them in Big Sur within the last few years. Don’t know the exact numbers, dates, or bridges, but I had this discussion with them.


  9. Andrew, if you are referring to the bridge on Naci, I doubt CALTRANS has inspected that one since it is on a Monterey County maintained road. I would hope that CALTRANS would take responsibility if something were to happen to that bridge considering it would most likely be the result of the added stresses put on it due to their traffic.

  10. Yes, Rock Knocker and I are concerned about that bridge, as well. It is rated for 15 tons, and I am almost certain many of the loaded trucks must exceed that.


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