7 thoughts on “Photo showing good overall Perspective of Mud Creek today, 5/21/17

  1. I really don’t see a solution for this. If they can’t get up to drill for geological information, and it keeps moving, then how can they fix it? Is there any discussion anywhere?

  2. This is going to sound crazy, but it might just work. My neighbor, the Navy pilot, just suggested CalTrans treat the slide like an avalanche, since that’s basically what it is. He suggested explosives to dislodge the remaining loose material while it is still saturated, but since no one can get up there to set the explosives, use the cannons they use in Colorado, Tahoe, and other places, or make a deal with the people down at Vandenberg to fly a few sorties with low-yield rockets or bombs. Like I said “crazy,” but it works to save lives in other places, and it’s effective.

  3. If I’m seeing these photos right, is that new coastline that was just created? Reminiscent of volcanic activity on Hawaii. Truly geologic in scale!

  4. Wow, not quite like Mt. St. Helens but still very impressive given there was no explosion behind it!

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