Convoy over Nacimiento tomorrow, 5/25

On Thursday, motorists will encounter delays during the movement of these four convoys westbound from 8 am to 10 am and 2 pm to 4 pm and eastbound from 11 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Oh, joy, and still no word from ANYONE on the letter I sent re the small 15 ton bridge at the bottom of Nacimiento. Okay, all the appropriate agencies are on notice if anything happens. Let’s hope it doesn’t. BTW, Rock Knocker got photos. Mike Harlan thinks it is from the 60’s, Rock Knocker thinks it is older. I’ll post photos when I get them.

Update later: I actually heard from three agencies today, USFS referred me to County Roads, but Mary Adams has talked to Cal Trans and is expecting more from them tomorrow. At least they are listening.

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  1. Kate,

    On the standards of bridge safety/capacity for that bridge; have they been subtlely increased or is the public in the dark for what is appropriate for this century? I ask since, I am unaware how old that bridge is.

  2. I don’t recall how old that bridge is, but Rock Knocker is taking photos of it today, so he might know. I will ask when I see him Friday.


  3. Hopefully, those heavy trucks are using the creek crossing instead of the bridge. The depth and speed of water through the creek crossing has been used recently by army vehicles. Let’s hope that’s what the convoy is using.

  4. No, Suzi, the green bridge on NFL is rated at 50 tons or more. I am talking about the small, little bridge at the bottom of the grade when heading east, right over Nacimiento River. Most people fail to notice it. THAT one is rated only 15 tons. 90 degree turn to bridge then 90 again, and now the road is following the river by the campgrounds, etc.


  5. Hello,

    I’m going to San Francisco next summer and I want to go to Big Sur by Nacimiento-Fergusson. With the new events, do you think that I will be able to accede to see some part of the Big Sur or will be closed to the tourist traffic? My idea is to go on July 10th.

    Thank you very much

  6. Thanks, Kate. I do remember thinking how stupid to have the convoy trucks traversing that tiny wooden bridge at the bottom of the grade, but was also thinking about the size limits of the covered green metal bridge at FHL. Fortunately, the wooden bridge may be short enough that it may survive the over limit tonnage if it doesn’t continue.

  7. Ignasi-
    This summer, July 2017, you should limit your visit to the north coast by driving south from Monterey/Carmel and enjoy the trails at Andrew Molera State Park. Park staff hopes to finish the trail repairs to the beach soon. You can visit the Point Sur Light House, lounge and dine in/on the Big Sur river in front of the River Inn, which also has lodging. There are 2 private campgrounds in that vicinity (Big Sur Valley), as well as other lodges, restaurants and campgrounds (Ripplewood, Glen Oaks, Fernwood Cabins and Campground). Big Sur State Park is also expected to re-open soon. In July, the Big Sur Valley has sunnier, warmer weather than along the coast and the river is beautiful and great for swimming and tubing, with several places renting the “tubes.” You will not be able to go any farther south than the Big Sur Valley until the bridge is replaced by the end of 2017. Even then, Highway 1 will probably not reopen all the way south to San Luis Obispo County for another year. If you choose to come over Nacimiento Fergusson Rd this summer, you may encounter only cold, foggy weather and will only be able to access a 6 mile stretch of Highway 1 which has 3 accessible beaches, which are often cold and windy. Swimming here is hazardous, no life guards, water is 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Trails in the local mountains are steep, in disrepair and full of ticks, snakes and poison oak.

    Submitted to me by a reader for posting

  8. and yet again you are kind, gracious and patient. bless you, Kate

  9. Kate,

    Thank you very much for your advice. I wanted to go by Nacimiento-Fergusson to see the landscape of the coast in that area, but with only 6 miles I guess it’s not worth it to do the round trip (my intention is to sleep in San Luis Obispo).

    Do you know if to see the landscape it is advisable to drive on Highway 1 north of San Francisco?

  10. Ignasi, the California Coast is very different in various areas. I love the drive up the coast to SF from Santa Cruz north, but it is completely different than the coast in Big Sur. The Coast between Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo is also beautiful, but different from both the Big Sur Coast and the SC to SF coast. California also has some gorgeous mountains and deserts. We are a very diverse state.

  11. Kate,

    I am a great lover of the sea and its landscapes, so I will try, in two days, to go from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, from Carmel to Bixby Bridge and also see the coast of San Luis Obispo (San Simeon, Cambria, Cayucos, Pismo, Morro Bay).

    If I have time, I am also seeing to go from San Francisco to Jenner for Point Reyes. Is beautiful this part of the coast? I do not find much information.

    Thank you very much

  12. Jenner, Mendocino and Ft. Bragg are all gorgeous parts of the coast. I would definitely make plans to see that portion of our coast. I would give that preference over Cambria, Pismo, etc.

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