Paul’s Slide blocked by rocks tonight, 5/26/17

This is in the very narrow one lane portion. No one will be there until Tuesday to work, due to dangerous conditions. One can see the soil nail wall covered in cement under the cone, so those of you who have driven it, know exactly where this is. Photo by Brendon Shave.



During daylight, photos by Brendon Shave

Here it is on the south side, photo by Cal Highway:


2 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide blocked by rocks tonight, 5/26/17

  1. Kate,

    What device is tracking its real time movement and sound activities?


    How does the accounting of debris, crew power, and clearance add to the never ending FEMA county to fed balance sheet?

  2. Andrew, one of the staff at the Hermitage mentioned to me that there is apparently a radar monitoring system in place that provides some information on slide activity (presumably only movement and no sound). But I don’t know anything about the sensitivity of that technology or how deep into the ground it can monitor.

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