Vegetation fire early this am on John K’s property

As some of you already know, there was a fire early this am in the eucalyptus grove on John K’s property (don’t ask me to spell it. I can’t.) back behind the deli, sorta, south of Rancho Rico, and the BSVFB got the call out. I got a notification at about 2:30 am from a local (I was up as it was too hot to sleep) and others woke from the smell of smoke. I decided not to post then for many reasons – no need to panic, wanted additional information, etc. and I was right. By this morning, it was a done deal. 14 BSVFB members were on scene in no time and had it under control. According to WildCAD LPNF members were also dispatched. Now is a good time to make a donation to our local fire brigade. 😘