Saturday Morning in the ‘Hood

First off,  let me thank and congratulate the USFS and the MCSO. There were NO campers late Saturday morning in ANY turnout on Nacimiento Road. We saw only this one tent, well off the road, and the corresponding car in a small dirt turn out. Rock Knocker thinks it was within the 300 ft. Limit, but I’m not so sure.


Before we got to this point, there was a truck pulling a travel trailer that stopped in the middle of Nacimiento Rd. Just befor the Ranger Station on the east side of Nacimiento. He was fixing his chain, his lights, his trailer brakes or something. To his credit, he did stop by a turn out that allowed others to get by –  barely on his read end, but all but large trucks could get by.


And then, up Plaskett – a large group camping at Turkey Flats who were putting out a campfire at 11:50 am. We stopped and told them of the $5000 fine, and they laughed and continued drinking their beer. Note the shovel in the guy’s hands.


And the open beer cans on the log


And the case of beer for later


Rock Knocker got photos of all the license plate numbers, since they were on his side.

I called PV Station and sent emails to my USFS neighbors. They will be having  another campfire tonight unless they are stopped and cited, which I am hoping they will be.