Saturday Morning in the ‘Hood

First off,  let me thank and congratulate the USFS and the MCSO. There were NO campers late Saturday morning in ANY turnout on Nacimiento Road. We saw only this one tent, well off the road, and the corresponding car in a small dirt turn out. Rock Knocker thinks it was within the 300 ft. Limit, but I’m not so sure.


Before we got to this point, there was a truck pulling a travel trailer that stopped in the middle of Nacimiento Rd. Just befor the Ranger Station on the east side of Nacimiento. He was fixing his chain, his lights, his trailer brakes or something. To his credit, he did stop by a turn out that allowed others to get by –  barely on his read end, but all but large trucks could get by.


And then, up Plaskett – a large group camping at Turkey Flats who were putting out a campfire at 11:50 am. We stopped and told them of the $5000 fine, and they laughed and continued drinking their beer. Note the shovel in the guy’s hands.


And the open beer cans on the log


And the case of beer for later


Rock Knocker got photos of all the license plate numbers, since they were on his side.

I called PV Station and sent emails to my USFS neighbors. They will be having  another campfire tonight unless they are stopped and cited, which I am hoping they will be.

17 thoughts on “Saturday Morning in the ‘Hood

  1. Thank you Kate for your due vigilance! It seems to be the only way to prevent another catastrophe! We all have to be watchful as was the caretaker at the closed Mill Creek Redwood Preserve. That was way too close to another conflagration!

  2. Kate,

    This citation for this group sure is needed, plenty of extra observation material to pack on.

    How was the meeting yesterday evening?

  3. Yesterday morning and afternoon. With the exception of one young lady with her own agenda who kept interrupting others, and insisting on talking when others were politely waiting their turns with hands raised, not bad. She was upset that she couldn’t park for free whenever and wherever she wanted, even if it was turnouts for safe traffic movement. I think I have dealt with her before on either my blog or FB. One group with the Willow Creek agenda could have said EVERYTHING they needed to say in 10 minutes or less, instead of taking 30. I have been doing this for far to long and am getting too old to suffer fools and long-winded speakers or topics. I got tired of listening to her rudeness, so left early, which is why I not long sit on the Council after 17 years.

  4. Pic #1 looks like the Lion’s Den spot, and the tent placed along the river bed. For the river bed it should be 100′ from there and I don’t think they meet that requirement. At least there’s no fire there…

    The other clowns @ Turkey Flats, now that’s another story and a definite ticket. Go Get ’em. Help pay for the patrol. There’s a song, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, should be a mantra!!

  5. re turkey flats group… what is the matter with these people? what is funny? I do not understand.

  6. can we change the dialog and stop calling it a “campfire” and just call it a fire, a fire is a fire, adding camp to it doesn’t help with the serious nature of fire.

    The humans set up camp and started a fire.

    Camping doesn’t require fire.

    Fire can be used as a tool and like all tools require an educated, attentive, responsible, sober operator that has a very healthy respect for a fires potential.

    humans being socially bred using fire for ambiance and feeling like they have a right to a fire doesn’t help with the education and enforcement of fires safe practical use’s, next time you have a fire at camp remember its just social programming also know as brainwashing.

    The hardest and healthiest do not need fire, water filters and a bivy sack gets the job done, unless you need to cauterize a wound you don’t need fire.

    “Pack it in pack it out.” (You can’t pack out fire.)

  7. Mike to Kate.

    Quick note & quick observation & quick concern:

    I recently witnessed a clearly marked Caltrans vehicle parked in the dirt turn out by the little bridge during one of my weekday trips through Nacimiento.

    I observed two Caltrans employees wearing identifiable Caltrans safety vests at the bridge location. They appeared to be examining the little bridge.

    I was able to clearly see one employee holding a clipboard standing at the end of the bridge. He appeared to be taking notes. I observed the second employee as he stood under the bridge with only his white hard hat and safety vest visable to his mid torso. He appeared to be examining the underside of the bridge.

    I am wondering why a safety inspection was needed, especially after Caltrans insisted that relentless convoys of 40 ton trucks, heavy equipment on flatbeds, Super 10s, etc using the bridge repeatedly would cause no damage.

    As you recall, we all voiced concerns about overweight convoys destroying the one bridge we had. It is still the only way we have to get in/out.

    Additionally, I observed that the newly installed asphalt in the slide area has significant waves in the road now.

    My concern:
    It is obvious to me as I look at the asphalt and see the evidence of movement that damage has been done. The evidence does not lie. I was curious if the bridge also sustained damage and, consequently, warranted the examination visit from Caltrans.

    Kate, you and I and our Big Sur neighbors rely on that bridge as literally the only way in/out.

    Have you heard any news regarding possible damage from the heavy convoys, including but not limited to, the bridge?

    Thanks, Kate.

  8. Mike, Rock Knocker also recently checked the underside of the bridge (1-2 weeks ago) and he noted no significant change since we first took the photos I posted re the bridge. Frankly, I am glad to see Cal Trans taking our concerns seriously and doing an inspection of their own. Thanks for sharing that.

    When you say “asphalt in the slide area” – can you be more specific? There is almost always asphalt in various slide areas down here on the south coast that is “buckling,” “cracking,” and “dipping” almost as soon as it is put down in a variety of places. It is always moving in certain areas. I remember when Gorda gave out, and one could literally count the many layers of asphalt. I think there were 13 or more. Paul’s Slide is definitely still moving, so would not surprise me there, and Willow Creek has never stopped…

    I am concerned about the damage to the road bed on Nacimiento, however. It has gotten much worse.

    Thanks for sharing your observations and concerns.

  9. Kate-
    The section of Naci-Ferg that Mike is referring to is the recently repaired one lane area just above Lion’s Den. Heavy traffic has probably caused the new asphalt to bulge in places. Looks like a wave washing acrossi the road.

  10. Thank you for the kind words.

    Happy to share. Happy to help.

    Yes. That is the correct location. That is the area with the asphalt movement. Heavy traffic has created the waves in the fresh asphalt road surface.

    Kate, please send a big “thank you” to Rock Knocker for his effort on the bridge.

    Like the rest of us, I am usually too busy dodging a near death experience on every blind corner of Nacimiento-Fergusson to check daily road damage, but I will continue to report when warranted. 🙂


  11. Pic no. 1 looks like Lion creek on NF road. This is a site that frequently has campers. Not many places for a tent 300 ft. from the road.

  12. It is also a popular area for tourists to make a quick stop to view the hollow tree and flowing water. Cars are frequently parked there.

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