Friday the 13th and da bridge, da bridge

The excitement is palpable in Big Sur today. Dignitaries, journalists, locals, and tourists will converge in an hour on a little bridge that no one knew was there … until Feb of 2017 when a local man discovered it was cracked. He reported it, and the rest is history. (Edited due to this blasted self-spell-checking iPad. It thinks it is smarter than me, but chooses the wrong words! 10/14)

It will be a celebration. It will be a happy time. It will be a zoo. I will quietly give thanks and celebrate up here today, and see it for myself early next week, when the immediate “newness” has worn off. For those going…enjoy, take photos, break out of the isolation this has brought to the south side. I will see the north side next week and celebrate then with them.