LA Times article on Mud Creek

John Duffy used to be Rock Knocker’s old climbing boss. Not that John is old, he isn’t. But he did spend 30 years studying the geology of this area. We went to his retirement party a few years back. He is the most knowledgeable person on the South Coast portion of Highway One in Big Sur. Don Harlan may have known more. John, as the former resident geologist and climber for this stretch of road lays it all out in an excellent article in the LA Times this week on Mud Creek.


Here is the plan:


For more photos and the rest of the LA Times article, go here:




7 thoughts on “LA Times article on Mud Creek

  1. Kate,

    Happy to see you caught this story – I never know how accurate LAT writers are on Central Coast matters- So, I do read most of them with a cynical eye. Good background summary up above.

  2. Many thanks for posting this, Kate — incredible photographs and video. Mother Nature can always be counted on to be one Wild Woman. The entire project takes my breath away!!!

  3. I often wonder what my dad is thinking when he looks down at all these problem the coast is having.

  4. I ran into Duffy years ago while he was climbing around rain rocks. It was clear he really knew his stuff and loved his work. BTW, I don’t think there is any granite at that slide as noted in the article. Have to ask Duffy.

  5. The pyramid rock that is now in the ocean was on top of the toe of the slide after the May 20 dump. In fact, geologists placed equipment on top of the rock to analyze the newly formed peninsula. It’s revealing to see how fast the ocean eroded away the soil under the boulder so that it now sits in the water.

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