Missing Hiker at Salmon Creek, 11/27/17-FOUND BY CHP HELICOPTER


My husband, David Laiho, went missing hiking in Big Sur. He started at and planned to finish at the Salmon Creek trailhead. The last time we talked was Wednesday, November 22 at noon. He was supposed to be back Saturday, November 25 in the morning. His car was found still at the trailhead. The Monterey Sheriff’s Department and Search and Rescue are already involved. Is it possible to post to your site to see if anyone saw him during this period? And if so, could they provide information as to when and where? I have attached two pictures of him.

If you see or know the where David is located please contact Monterey County Sheriffs Search and Rescue at (831) 647-7911.

May be related: A lot of helicopter action up here today.

7 thoughts on “Missing Hiker at Salmon Creek, 11/27/17-FOUND BY CHP HELICOPTER

  1. Kate,

    Did anyone get news on the last guy that went missing a while back African American guy in his late 50’s – I believe – I forget how long ago this was reported.

    Good luck with this latest one- Does the wife know what items he has with him while he is hiking?

  2. Kate,

    Thanks for the updates. So, it’s real that some folks can get lost in the backwoods forever. It just seems so unlikely no one could lay eyes on a guy for this long..

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