4 thoughts on “Mud Creek in photos, 11/30/17

  1. One of the most amazing (and perhaps environmentally not so good) things about the Mud Creek project is that all of the big boulders that they are using for the sea revetment must be trucked up there, about 5-6 at a time, from points south. There are a LOT of boulders at Mud Creek now which has translated to a LOT of truck traffic these last couple of months.

  2. Pretty soon these hills will be green, t’will be a nice change.
    That’s good exercise, climbing up there, RK. (Thanks for the pics).
    Fighting that landscape is a huge job, all that tax money.

  3. Kate,

    Plenty of punchless & cloudless activity in the Pacific for the next 2 weeks or more, but, I see plenty of wordpress spacial periods falling from beyond my toolbar.

    Statewide drought monitors are re-appearing just to keep us residents aware..

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