Lost Dog – Willow Creek, 12/9/17

This is Oz (thank you, Jasmine)


From Lisa & Kenny Comello:

Do you think you could post at your earliest convenience that Jesse Comello’s friendly 6 year old dog, OZ (Ozzie) ran away from our home on Willow Crk Rd (Los Burros Rd) this morning (Sat.) around 4:30 or so? He’s around 80 lbs, mostly black with brown & white markings – a Big Sur Spottweiler (Rottie & Aussie), collared but not tagged or chipped.
He’s prone to seizures and comes out of them but tired and a little disoriented. He’s a sweetie but is missing Jesse who left him with us to dog sit!

11 thoughts on “Lost Dog – Willow Creek, 12/9/17

  1. Although it is unlikely that Jesse’s dog will wander as far south as Gorda Mountain, it is not impossible. I’ve rescued a few dogs over the years; one traveled five miles, but most were relatively local. Post a photo, so we all will know what to look for.

  2. John, I asked Lisa for a photo. She wasn’t sure she had one. Lesson for all of us. When watching another’s dog, take an immediate photo


  3. Sorry, no photo yet, I was too busy looking all over for OZ. He didn’t show up last night so I’m feeling pretty dispondent right now. We have the word out up and down the coast and Willow and keep our fingers crossed.
    Who knows, maybe he traversed Mud Crk to find his siblings!

  4. Any word on Oz? If you need Lisa I can come help look. I love that dog and have plenty of pics, not sure how to share on here

  5. Thank you so much, Jasmine, and that’s a great photo. Ken & I went to town today to see our grand daughter in the Nutcracker and posted more flyers in the BS valley (Deli & River Inn) and spoke to Hawaiian Bill so the word is out up down the coast. We had a friend stay at our house in case Oz showed. No luck. I really don’t know what to say, there’s a lot of acreage out there! Ken’ll be home tomorrow and if you want to come down I’ll be at the school and can give you directions to our house.

  6. Hi Lisa! I can’t make it today, but I’m going to come down tomorrow in the morning and look for him. Is Kenny going to be around? Keeping my fingers crossed and sending love to Ozzie!

  7. Thank you everybody for helping the Oz search effort! My number is 831 241 1207 if anyone has info on his whereabouts.

  8. Here’s my contact info as well if anybody spots him and can’t get ahold of Jesse. 831-383-9165.
    Thank you!

  9. An update on Oz is that 2 different trackers came to the property, 1 w/ dogs and 1 w/out. The w/dogs tracker found a spot in our very long driveway where both dogs indicated the scent went down an embankment but the tracker didn’t go any further. The next day the w/out dogs tracker went down that embankment (as did Jesse the day before) but didn’t see any signs of a lion kill or of Oz. His instinct was that a lion didn’t take Oz. So there’s still a glimmer of hope that Oz will show up somewhere and we’re still looking on the internet sites. If anyone sees him, take him in, he’s friendly, and call Jesse or Torre at the #s above. Many thanks.

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