Shooting on Nac-Ferg Rd. Tonight, 12/11/17

MCSO responded to reports of a shooting 5.5 miles up Nacimiento from Highway One. (Near Summit) They gave chase to the shooter, and lost him. A helicopter assisted in the search and came right by my house down Prewitt Loop but was lower than my house. The suspect was eventually caught on San Miguelito Loop, over by the Mission on FHL. They retrieved the pump action shotgun and EMS was ordered from FHL, as well as a life-flight. Victim drove himself past the med 24 and ended up at Post Ranch. (This report put together with help from Jim Kimball who sent reports from scanner.) The victim is Peter Harris, USFS. From his wife:



4 thoughts on “Shooting on Nac-Ferg Rd. Tonight, 12/11/17

  1. google his name and the story gets very interesting, it does not condone his actions, it does help explain the break down. hug someone you love.

    8 years from red cross hero to attempted murder.

    June 28, 2009
    Jacob Kirkendall, 17 year old Aptos High senior, was severely injured by a downed power line as he attempted to put out a fire, a eucalyptus branch fell onto a power line on the hill behind the beach, knocking out power in the area and sparking a small fire, the electric current damaged his skull, killing some of the bone on the left side of his head, he underwent surgery to repair burn damage that left him without a portion of his skull and in need of a special helmet to protect his brain, he was in a coma for 10 weeks, he almost lost his life three times while he was in intensive care, Jake dreamed of becoming a firefighter and took an EMS course when he was 16.

    Dec 12, 2017
    Jacob Kirkendall, 25 year old was booked into the Monterey County Jail, being charged with attempted murder and firing into an occupied vehicle.

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