Tourism Tuesday, 2/6/18

From the Destination Stewardship Center:

Our four-part strategy”

Highlight the issues. Tourism is changing the world more than people realize. Our Destination Watch section lists ratings and destination-stewardship news for places around the globe. Please get involved.
Provide Stewardship Resources—information and links to services—to help destinations to improve in terms of authenticity, sustainability, and responsible tourism economy.
To those ends, help places adopt the Geotourism approach, defined as: Tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place—its environment, culture, geology, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.
Help mindful, educated and discerning Geotravelers find access to enjoyable, rewarding, responsible, and enriching trips.
We offer participants a blogging and news aggregation platform with content keyed to these topics.

We invite dedicated people to make this site their own and help save the places we love.

Our invitation: Join us. If we succeed in our mission, it will be because you, the participants, grow the website and its resources (including yourselves) into a self-sustaining entity. Make it your own. We want to build a nonprofit network serving everyone who works where tourism intersects with destination quality.

We invite mission-compatible proposals for partnering, sponsorship, or cooperative ventures. We invite participation by interested individuals—practitioners, civic leaders, sponsors, students, residents, and travelers. Join in and play a role—with blogging, news aggregation, business development, sponsorships, social media and WordPress techniques, content development, online tools, and networking.

Next week I discuss the Character of Place

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