Hello Kate,

I wanted to send you this picture of a dog that was just turned into us at the Big Sur Station. It was picked up after wandering around hwy 1 outside of the Taphouse. It has no collar/tags.

If we don’t find the owner, we will have to take the dog to town and hand her over to animal control. This will likely happen tomorrow afternoon.

If somebody does recognize the dog, we’d appreciate it if they could let us know by contacting us by email at bigsurstation@gmail.com and matthew.khalar@parks.ca.gov

We’d love to reunite dog with owner.

Matthew Khalar, State Parks


8 thoughts on “Wandering dog – REUNITED WITH OWNER. THANKS, ALL

  1. What a pretty girl! If nobody claims her which would be soooo sad, I would love to add her to my pack.

  2. YAY always love it when dogs get reunited, I fear for them on Hwy 1. Yes Wally another successful Big Sur Kate. YAY Kate.

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