Are you missing a rooster?

Hello Kate,

A rooster has been seen on the Bobcat Trail in Andrew Molera State Park adjacent to Hwy 1 several times over the last couple of weeks. He was last seen today but has eluded capture.


Specifically, we’ve had reports of the rooster on the Bobcat Trail anywhere north of Cpt. Cooper School all the way to the main park entrance. If somebody happens to be missing a rooster in the area, that would be the place to start looking.

Many thanks,

Matthew Khalar
Supervising State Park Ranger
Big Sur Sector- Monterey District


5 thoughts on “Are you missing a rooster?

  1. Who knew when you started this blog that it would include rooster wrangling! LOL He must be one ornery rooster to have survived weeks out in the wild.

  2. Saw the rooster yesterday evening on the bobcat trail, other hikers did their best to corral him and move him in the direction of the ranger station.

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