Next week’s weather system

Remember this forecast for the next storm?

This is what NOAA said this afternoon: “…the national WPC suggests
local amounts of 3-5 inches over the highest Big Sur peaks with
slightly less over the Santa Cruz mountains,”

Sunday should be clear, a good time for any additional preparation you may have forgotten. Remember, all that rain on our mountains translates to water rolling downhill toward our highway…

2 thoughts on “Next week’s weather system

  1. Kate,

    Expect hwy 1 to close before storm hits? What does Caltrans have to say?

  2. Cal Trans never says anything re that. Right now, the road is holding up, and until Tuesday, no significant event is predicted. Tuesday & Wednesday? Different story, but I’m not going to predict. Too often I am right, and I don’t want to be this time.

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