Misc notes, 3/19/18

1. Today’s Cal Trans update was a repeat of the last few months, nothing has changed. Paul’s Slide is still one way controlled, Mud Creek is still closed. They sent a new photo taken on Friday at Paul’s Slide. Note all the nice new asphalt … just in time for the floods of the next few days.


2. There will not be a Tourist Tuesday tomorrow, as I have cleared the deck for storm watch for the next few days so that I can keep an eye on the storm & the road and report on anything you need to know. Perhaps next week. Mandatory & Voluntary Evacuations have been issued for the burn areas of the Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara. As of Monday night, they appear to be in the bull’s eye, but SLO and South Coast Big Sur will be getting hit hard as well. Road closure is enevitable…only question is for how long. Even the where is pretty well known. Stay tuned and stay safe.

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