Follow-up on Hurricane Point to Rocky Creek widening project

From Cal Trans Engineer, the same one in charge of the viaduct a couple years ago:

Hi Kate,

I’m working on a project on Highway 1 between Hurricane Point and Rocky Creek (about 1.5 miles in length).  It’s main purpose is to improve safety by widening the lanes and shoulders to 12’ and 4’ respectively.  A hearing for the Coastal Development Permit is scheduled for Thursday, May 10, 2018at the County Administration Center Board of Supervisors Chambers, 575 Administration Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95403.  The meeting agenda and the Coastal Commission’s “Staff Report” can be found at the following site:

Information about the environmental impacts can be found at the following Caltrans site:

I was wondering if you could help me get the word out and emphasize that now is the time to comment or ask questions on the project or permit.  Below is a photo of the notice that was recently posted at the proposed project site.  It has some additional contact information:

If the permit is approved I estimate construction would start around March of 2019.  Thank you!



7 thoughts on “Follow-up on Hurricane Point to Rocky Creek widening project

  1. a year pretty much. this is bs. i feel terrible for the locals. enviro insanity!

  2. If it’s all about public safety they should focus their attention on the Bixby Bridge parking and pedestrian problem that gets worse every year.

  3. Hi Michael, what are you referring to when you say “a year”?



  4. Thank you for your comment Marcus. I will forward it to our traffic safety unit.



  5. Thanks Ken. Do you have a direct contact as I would like to share solution ideas with you for Bixby Bridge. This area is going to become a major problem as it becomes more popular each day. It needs a drastic infrastructure plan! Perhaps it could be incorporated in the widening project?

  6. Hi Marcus, I’ve been recovering from some minor surgery so I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I can be your direct contact for now. I can be reached at (805) 549-3133 or I’ll be out of the office until Monday, May 14, still recovering the surgery but I look forward to hearing from you then.

    Thank you!


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