Photo Sunday – Mother’s Day, 5/13/18

Happy Mother’s Day! This is a tribute to my mother, Joy Dan Pryor Jackson Riker Graves Mises (2 were fathers and 3 were husbands) 1929-2011. These are from her album, which she put together in high school. She graduated at 16, or in 1945.

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I still miss her everyday. Honor thy mother – both in human form, and as the Earth Mother of us all – Mother Nature. Blessed be.


3 thoughts on “Photo Sunday – Mother’s Day, 5/13/18

  1. Thank you for sharing, Kate. Lots of memories there. Lost my mother last August at age 96; she had a varied and interesting life and lived in England, from where we all came.

    Enjoy your day….

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Kate. Good looking family.
    My mother passed on in 2005 @ 84 years.
    She appears in my dreams regularly. I wonder if that’s heaven.

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