Photo Sunday, 6/3/18

My front deck … and whoever left that “Big Creek” 8 pk carrier outside the temporary dumpster – thank you. I grabbed it and put it to use


~ by bigsurkate on June 3, 2018.

6 Responses to “Photo Sunday, 6/3/18”

  1. A nice collection of planters & plants. Cheerful.
    Basil may bolt in the summer heat, provide shade, pick off the tips.
    New Zealand spinach would do well- it is a low maintenance, prolific grower and the young foliage is tasty & nutritious when steamed with some lemon juice & olive oil or butter.


  2. Love the reuse of the Weber BBQ.


  3. It was no good for BBQing anymore, so … just like the Big Creek 8-pack carrier. Once the bottom gives out, I will plant the whole thing in my animal trough planters!


  4. The sweet marjoram is bolting, but I will collect the seeds and replant in fall. I have last years beets flowering. Also will be collecting the seeds. I bought 50 little seed envelopes just for this season. Plan on collecting a bunch. I only buy heirloom, non-GMO, so I can collect seeds and save some and give some.


  5. Beautiful. A fine collection. I also love the repurposing.


  6. Beautiful and bountiful Kate. Looks like you will have much to pick from.


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