RX Burn at FHL on Weds

FHL Police were stopping people at the intersection of Nacimiento and Mission and not allowing west bound traffic, at least as of 11:30 am, per reports and what we witnessed as we passed by. Many were turn around and forced to go all the way around to get home – that is a long a$$ way!!

We were stopped around 11:30 on the West side of Stoney Valley for this burn out. We were held up for about 20 minutes or so – in the sun – in 96º temps. These are some of the photos I took. I can see why it was closed. The fire was right up to the road and the firefighters were IN the road. We were escorted.

I’ve tried to upload the sequence, but my blog goes into cardiac arrest when I try to upload 18 photos. So here are a couple. More later, I have to convert some “live” shots to regular photos, first.










3 thoughts on “RX Burn at FHL on Weds

  1. Was this controlled burn today, Thursday, 6/14 or yesterday, 6/13? Doc stopped by last night to inform us that he would be manning a controlled burn in FHL today.

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