Tourist Tuesday, 6/26/18

Barcelona, Spain would rather let more refugees into their country than tourists.


“Early last year, around 150,000 people in Barcelona marched to demand that the Spanish government allow more refugees into the country. Shortly afterwards, “Tourists go home, refugees welcome” started appearing on the city’s walls; soon the city was inundated with protestors marching behind the slogans “Barcelona is not for sale” and “We will not be driven out”.

What the Spanish media dubbed turismofobia overtook several European cities last summer, with protests held and measures taken in Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Florence, Berlin, Lisbon, Palma de Mallorca and elsewhere in Europe against the invasion of visitors. But in contrast to many, as fiercely as Barcelona has pushed back against tourists, it has campaigned to welcome more refugees. When news broke two weeks ago that a rescue ship carrying 629 migrants was adrift in the Mediterranean, mayor Ada Colau was among the first to offer those aboard safe haven.”

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5 thoughts on “Tourist Tuesday, 6/26/18

  1. Tpurists spend money then ho home. Refugees are a financial cost and ultimate liability if they do not assimilate into the culture. Too frequently, they come with agendas yo change the new country into wherever they fled.

  2. We are living in a time of unprecedented numbers of refugees worldwide. And we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants. There but for the grace of God go I. Maybe a vacation isn’t as important as a life.

  3. Turn your Vacation into a Protest and hold your local governments accountable for food, water, housing and hope, its always people who matter the most, without them the perfect meal can never become the perfect moment.

    When you have more than you need build a bigger table not a bigger wall.

    The moral of the story is that there is no such thing as peak greed.

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