STRs public meeting

From the CVA:

A Short-Term Rental Ordinance for Carmel Valley
with no Limitation on Location, Number, or Type?
Next Wednesday the Planning Commission will conduct a public workshop on short-term rentals (STRs) and receive a report on the consistency of the draft ordinance with local area plans. We urge you to attend.
The workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 10:30 AM, in the Monterey County Board of Supervisors Chambers, County Government Center, 168 West Alisal Street in Salinas.
A survey by the firm Host Compliance, conducted at the request of CVA, determined that there are more than 140 advertised STRs in areas zoned residential in Carmel Valley. Over 80% of these are “whole homes,” generally investor-owned houses without a permanent resident, “managed” by off-site property management companies.
This category has been demonstrated to cause a loss of affordable housing and the disruption of neighborhoods. Many jurisdictions have enacted severe limits on STRs. Carmel and Monterey have banned them, Pacific Grove has limited their number (and may, through the initiative process, ban them completely), and cities such as San Francisco have limited them to “home stays,” where a resident owner must be present.
The ordinance proposed by county officials, although it does create a licensing procedure, does nothing to limit the number and type of STRs in our valley.
CVA has proposed what we believe is a reasonable compromise, limiting STRs to “home stays,” with the resident owner present. We have also made clear to the county that we expect any rules to conform to the Carmel Valley Master Plan, which limits the number of visitor accommodations in the area. We need your help to protect our valley! Plan to attend the workshop, or if you are unable, write or email the planners at:
Be sure to include your name and physical address.
Points you might consider including:
  • Unhosted STRs are essentially hotels in areas zoned residential. They violate the peace and quiet we expect when we purchase or rent a home.
  • Investor owned STRs have been proven to limit the availability of affordable housing.
  • Master Plan limitations on visitor serving units must be honored.

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