Wildfire, FHL, 7/15/18

There is a 100 acre wildfire on FHL, that started about 2:15 pm. It near the boundary with the LPNF, or “the red zone” as one former FHL FF calls it. Paso Robles sent air attack to it, so hopefully they are dropping on it before it gets to the forest.


This is WildCAD’s dispatch log:

07/15/2018 14:12 FHL-1894
PFL0GP (1502)
Loop Wildfire San Miguelito Loop and FOB 8J . . . grass 0.1 35 55.950, -121 16.434


5 thoughts on “Wildfire, FHL, 7/15/18

  1. That particular area it is burning off of San Miguelito Loop is pretty much surrounded by roads, so I expect they will be, hopefully, in clean-up tomorrow, if they aren’t already. I’m don’t think you will have any trouble.


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