Getting pretty for her opening…

Mud Creek:



~ by bigsurkate on July 16, 2018.

7 Responses to “Getting pretty for her opening…”

  1. This is beautiful. Great jobs Cal Trans and everyone else who was on this 54 million project. You sure do look pretty Mud Creek.


  2. Great…


  3. It looks great! What do the sensors say about earth movement, though? Nice article on the young woman who went off the cliff, and kudos to her rescuers.


  4. Looks like an ant trail from afar! A pretty little ant trail.


  5. Kate. surprised the guard rails, safety w/ location signs, and historical statues posted last..


  6. Wait for it…

    “There are some families in this country own entirely too many vehicles. You see them on the highway in an RV. But that’s not enough for them. RV’s not enough. Behind them they’re towing a motorboat, go-cart, dune buggy, dirt bike, Jet Ski, snow mobile, parasail, hand glider, wind surfing equipment, a hot air balloon and a small two-man deep-sea diving bell. Doesn’t anyone just take a F’ing walk anymore?”

    George Carlin. RIP


  7. I loved him!


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