9 thoughts on “OCR & Hwy 1, aka Bixby Bridge Parking Lot

  1. “They’ve all come to look for America” – P. Simon (… or a port-a-potty.)

  2. There is an article in this week’s PC that discusses maintaining the temporary highway No Parking situation at Pt. Lobos. I think ithe ban should extend the length of the Big Sur Highway in all areas except where there is a clearly marked pull-off area.

    Is there a group that advocates protection of Big Sur that is open to locals who are non-residents of Big Sur?

    The ‘workshop’ mentioned in a previous blog entry appears to be aimed at benefitting the visitor serving industry—I say “too much, pull back”.

  3. Maybe some lines in the dirt showing parking spaces. People sometimes can follow simple visual directions. Then at the end, a sign that says in multiple languages, “No Spaces? Keep going down the Highway”.

  4. When will we wake up the politicians and letting them know that the model of Tourism and support is rotten and bad.
    We need to address the coast and propose a 25 year model that contains tourism while seeing the beauty. It can be done. France and Italy are doing it in some areas.
    Not like Venice, Barcelona or Amsterdam! They are destructive monsters with tourist boats populated with 5,000 passangers each.

  5. Looking for port-a-potty’s … look no further, Ventana camp/glampground has about 3 or 4 port-a-potty’s serving their glampsites, and NEWLY opened Bar & BBQ They advertise these are OPEN to the Public, so look no further!

  6. janet:
    Ventana, that’s smart. A good, progressive service. Thanks, y’all.

  7. Oops, sorry Wally, its been pointed out to me that none of these port-a-potty’s are handicap accessible. Also from my understanding, not one of the newly added glampsites is handicap accessible either …. Weird, I thought there were laws for this?

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